3 Things To Know About The Su-34’s Cockpit

3 Things To Know About The Su-34’s Cockpit | Frontline Videos

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1. They have a ladder on the landing gear

The Su-34’s pilot and navigator don’t go inside the aircraft through the cockpit window, unlike other aircraft. Instead, the crew members would have to climb up the nose landing gear using a ladder.

2. Still uses analog instruments

Flight information can be shown on five screens, with the pilot having additional information on the windscreen. However, analog instruments are still used, such as: speed, altitude, and many more, in case the main system fails.

3. It has plenty of room inside

Thanks to aerial refueling, the Su-34 can stay in the air for as long as the crew can hold out. Interestingly, the plane’s cockpit is even bigger inside, giving the crew members a chance to stand up, stretch their legs, or even do squats!

A thermos is also located at the back, along with a handheld urinal.


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