5 Facts About How Far Can U.S. Artillery Shoot

5 Facts About How Far Can U.S. Artillery Shoot | Frontline Videos

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1. Lower Range Than Russian Howitzers 

Using standard rounds, US Howitzers can launch missiles up to 14 miles away but can be increased to 19 if rocket-assisted shells are used. In comparison, Russian Howitzers’ missiles can reach 43 miles.

2. Promising ERCA Results

The Army’s Extended Range Cannon Artillery started off great in 2018 during a test using an XM1113 rocket-assisted projectile. The projectile reached 43 miles, the farthest a US Howitzer projectile ever reached at that time.

3. Autoloading Capabilities

In future versions, the US aims to use an enhanced autoloader that could enable future “optionally manned” artillery configurations that can load very long-range missiles.

4. New HIMARS and MLRS Rockets

HIMARS and MLRS are also expected to use new rockets. The extended-range rockets of the MLRS can reach twice as long as before. Meanwhile, the other rocket increases its range from 186 miles to 310.

5.  Five New Task Forces 

The Army is forming five new multi-domain task forces equipped with subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic missiles with ranges of 1,100 miles and more. 


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