A380 Pilot Banks Too Steeply

A380 Pilot Banks Too Steeply | Frontline Videos

Airliners Impressing The Crowd

This 240-ft-long airliner demonstrated a very steep turn followed by a low pass at the Farnborough Airshow. 

From that angle, it looked like the Airbus A380 was about to lose control. The aircraft’s protection system permits a maximum bank angle of 67 degrees, so this “wasn’t that big of a deal” according to the viewers. 

Apart from this stunt, another airliner-related incident caught the attention of the people. 

A KLM Airbus 330-200 pilot managed to redefine the meaning of a “butter landing”. Landing is one of the most challenging aspects of flying, but this pilot definitely did not get the memo. 

Just take a look at this touchdown and judge for yourselves!


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