Artillery Ammunition Comparison (by Caliber)

Artillery Ammunition Comparison (by Caliber) | Frontline Videos

YouTube / The Buzz


From Smallest to Biggest

The Buzz has created a list of artillery ammunition ranked by caliber. Here are some of their noteworthy picks:

Starting off the list is the M61 Vulcan’s 20mm rounds. Weapons using this caliber range from anti-tank and anti-material rifles to aircraft autocannons and anti-aircraft guns.

88mm shells used by German Flaks throughout WWII appear fifth on the list. These were used in two main roles: as mobile heavy anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns.

The second-largest on the list measures 600mm and was used by German WWII-era siege mortars called Karl-Gerät. Each gun had to be accompanied by a crane and several modified tanks just to carry its huge shells.

Rounding off the list is Schwerer Gustav’s 800mm-cal ammunition. It was the largest-caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat and the heaviest mobile artillery piece ever built.

Other notable (but not mentioned) ammunitions were Britain’s 914mm for Mallet’s mortar and America’s 914mm for Little David.


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