Best Blue Angel Sneak Pass To Date Has Crowd Grabbing Their Hearts

Best Blue Angel Sneak Pass To Date Has Crowd Grabbing Their Hearts | Frontline Videos

Brendan Peterson / YouTube


The Blue Angels are the world’s most elite aviators, working tirelessly every day to demonstrate the mightiness of the United States Navy across our country. They have a very precise routine at every airshow, one of them being the sneak pass. 

Blue Angel Number 5, part of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron, takes off during the Kaneohe Bay Air Show 2010 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. | Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Hight / Public Domain

During the latter part of the show, as 5 of the jets draw your attention skyward, Blue Angel #5 makes a low pass from behind the crowd at just under 700 mph. If you’ve never been to one of these airshows, this can be an unbelievable scare, something that you’ll clearly see in the video below.

Here’s the top comment on that YouTube video that rings incredibly true:

*Watches the video 100 times to see everyones’ reaction *

That sounds about right. As cool as that flyby was, the best part of it was watching the video over and over again to see all the peoples’ reactions. When we paused the video to show you the image above, it takes about a second for the sound to catch up to everyone. Then, you see everyone do their own versions of, “OMG.”


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