Authorities Told Him To Land On The Other End After This

Authorities Told Him To Land On The Other End After This | Frontline Videos



Not Legal, But Those People Didn’t Mind.

The awesome Youtube channel by the name of bobsurgranny has done it again. He’s provided us with one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen in recent weeks and that’s no surprise. Whoever he is (we still didn’t find out, so if you have any info, let us know), we know a few things for sure.

He definitely travels a lot to get some of the finest aviation footage around. Seriously. Type that user name (from above) into the search bar of our website and you’ll see some truly great footage. 

He also knows how to man a camera. No weird, shaky shots. No wind blowing out your eardrums. Nothing but the best goes on his channel. From the Mach Loop to this here runway at RAF Waddington, this guy delivers awesome videos every time. 

Now, go check out this F-16 buzz the ever living daylights out of a group of spectators. They were hanging out under the glide slope for a reason, but we bet they didn’t expect that. Even the uploader said he’s never seen one that low.



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