Guy Completely Ruins A Jet Flight Experience-Squeals Like A Dying Pig

Guy Completely Ruins A Jet Flight Experience-Squeals Like A Dying Pig | Frontline Videos

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There Are Hundreds Of People Right Behind Him Who Would’ve Loved It.

Flying isn’t for everyone, so when you know a little negative G-force will make you cry and start reciting a prayer of your choice, well, don’t sign up. There are people who wait for years and go above and beyond to try to get noticed and get into one of these seats.

What we have here is the Breitling Jet Team giving a ride to some dude we don’t know and frankly, don’t want to. He took a much-wanted spot from someone else and didn’t belong there in the first place so yeah, we don’t care. The team, however, is incredible.

For those who don’t know, these guys form the biggest civilian aerobatic show out of France and they fly L-39 Albatrosses. They tour all over the world and have been well received since their formation in 2003. If you get a chance to see them, do so. It’s well worth it (We actually saw them during a Blue Angels Airshow in Miramar once.)

As a side note, sorry for the disrespect in the post as we really don’t know who that guy is, but our point is that we’d much rather seen someone have the time of their lives back there and not just wait to be back on the ground. We’re just a bit jealous, that’s all.

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