How Is The Pilot Not Fired After This Disaster?

How Is The Pilot Not Fired After This Disaster? | Frontline Videos



Royal Blunder.

Putting yourself in danger in one thing, but it’s another to jeopardize the lives of innocent people. Footage emerged from what should have been routine takeoff until things went seriously wrong. A Boeing 737 at Frankfurt Airport came dangerously close to disaster as it attempted a takeoff.The 737 from Royal Maroc Airlines doesn’t generate enough lift and is unable to become airborne. The tail of the plane drags so low that it nearly scrapes the runway. After several complaints were issued, Royal Air Maroc delivered a statement.

“Following dissemination of false information about flight AT-811 of July 23rd, Frankfurt – Casablanca, we wish to clarify that Frankfurt tower advised the captain of our flight in question of possible wake turbulence as a result of a simultaneous landing of an A330. As result, the captain performed a maneuver to accelerate in order to achieve speeds which permitted safe takeoff.”

Royal Air Maroc should set a higher standard of safety for their pilots rather than endangering their passengers. This is near freak accident happens while Royal Air Maroc amid a scandal for the death of a passenger’s dog, which they consider to be “lost luggage”. A qualified pilot surely would have aborted the takeoff knowing something was wrong. Should Royal Air Maroc hold the pilot accountable for endangering their customers or do you agree with their statement? Watch the footage and judge for yourself.


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