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Massive In Scale, This Impressive Vulcan Has A Mid-Flight Engine Fire

Vulcan Songs | Massive In Scale, This Impressive Vulcan Has A Mid-Flight Engine Fire | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: Essential RC

Wow, Not Only Is This Model Impressive, That Emergency Landing Was Too!

Both the real and model versions of this plane are both extremely rare and impressive. The Avro Vulcan was a strategic nuclear bomber used by the Royal Air Force. With a wingspan of almost 100 feet, top speed of 645 mph and range of 2,607 miles, this warbird was very versatile. Originally a strategic bomber, it was also used for maritime radar reconnaissance as well as aerial refueling. An amazing plane, it’s no wonder this hobbyist chose to model it!

The Rc Vulcan in this video has a wingspan of over 20 ft., weighs 300 pounds and can travel up to 120 mph!

This piece of engineering is just spectacular. Dave, the man who made it, and his team spent three years designing and building this 1/5th scale model, with the end result being what you’re about to see. The plane is also powered by four Jetsmunt 160 gas turbines, needing 5 gallons of fuel to keep them running. Amazing in every way, this video could have been the last one of this plane. Upon approach you’ll see that the left engine had a flameout with the Vulcan having a hard time staying straight. Dave landed it like a pro though!



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