News | B-1s & F-35s Live Bomb Simulated Targets By N.Korean Border

News | B-1s & F-35s Live Bomb Simulated Targets By N.Korean Border | Frontline Videos

South Korea Defense Ministry via AP


One Step Closer.

As North Korea shot another test missile in the last week of August 2017, this time over Japan’s mainland, tensions in the region are reaching an all time high. North Korea has been repeatedly asked to cease all rocket testing for years now, but are doing the total opposite. Each test is yielding better and better results for them pushing other countries’ backs against the wall.

As a response to last week’s missile launch, the United States and South Korea ramped up their military drills. Although they’ve been training together for years both on the ground and in the air, the latest show of force dropped live munitions right at North Korea’s doorstep.

^photo credit: Republic of Korea Air Force via AP

B-1B Lancers were deployed from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the newest F-35 Lightning IIs from a base in Japan and were joined by South Korea’s F-15 Eagles. They bombed simulated “core facilities” in North Korea, making sure all pilots and respective crew are ready for action if the need ever occurs. 

According to numerous sources, the action is expected to be met with “fury” as North Korea typically responds with antics of their own anytime the U.S. and South Korea runs drills together next to their border. 

Look for news in the next few days as to what that might be. 


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