This Huge Rc Can Actually Drops Paratroopers From The Ramp

This Huge Rc Can Actually Drops Paratroopers From The Ramp | Frontline Videos



Gotta Admit, That’s Pretty Neat.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly the end of the world cool, but these guys built something special. Not only is this Rc huge, they added something else that we’ve never seen before. They can open up the ramp mid-flight and drop paratroopers. Yes, they’re toy soldiers, but tell us that you don’t remember having one of those paratroopers that you threw up in the air after folding their plastic parachutes.

Yup, nostalgia.

As for this video, it unfortunately didn’t have the typical description we look forward to. These guys typically have the dimensions and weight of their models, sometimes even the build duration and speed. Here however, nothing. So, we’re sorry we can’t give you much much else. If we do find something, we’ll update this post with the info.

One side note however (and sorry for offending anyone), although the model is a true work of art, is it us or are those typically flown in not so skilled hands?

Honestly, we couldn’t do better ourselves, but c’mon, not only is the flying not scale, that landing almost ended in disaster. Again, we’re not pros, but these guys almost destroyed the thing they so carefully built. 

UPDATE: We actually did find some facts about this incredible Rc. 

  • A400M builit by Hannes Heppe
  • Build time: 6 years
  • Weight:92.5 pounds
  • Wingspan: 13.5 feet

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