These Folks Were Treated To An Absolutely Screaming B-52 Approach

These Folks Were Treated To An Absolutely Screaming B-52 Approach | Frontline Videos

UK Aviation Movies



We just found our new favorite Youtube channel. It’s called UK Aviation Movies and whoever this guy is, he goes to some really neat airshows. If you’re reading this, thanks. The videos are really awesome. 

As for this particular video we wanted to share with you guys, it’s a B-52 Stratofortress coming in for the RIAT Airshow. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s quite a big deal. Trust us.

Although most of you, our readers, are from the United States, you should know about this airshow and maybe even venture out to see one if you get a chance. The acronym stands for the “Royal International Air Tattoo” and it’s the world’s biggest airshow. Hosting thousands upon thousands of visitors over the three days it is held, there are typically over 230 aircraft which perform during the show. From Corsairs to Raptors, anyone can get their fix.

For those who take it a step further however, these are great weekends to see planes coming in. This is exactly what this guy did. Standing near the glide path, he got an incredible shot of a Stratofortress coming in for the airshow. 

It sounds almost chilling. Check it out.


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