These Guys Nearly Lose This Massive Rc B-2 Right On Takeoff

These Guys Nearly Lose This Massive Rc B-2 Right On Takeoff | Frontline Videos



This Thing’s Pretty Sweet.

Building an great Rc is one thing. Flying it however, is another. These guys almost learned that the hard way.

We’re not going to shame them however. We here at Frontline have neither the dexterity to build such a sweet looking model nor the knowlege of how to even fly it. Having said that, these guys did one hell of a job.

This RC B-2 Spirit has a wingspan of over 14 feet.

We’ve seen a lot of RC planes in our day, and to be honest, this is one of the first times we’ve come across a notable one. All the others are from kits and are pretty small. As you’ll see, this one is something else, like a work of art.

These guys should be given some proper respect for even attempting to undertake such a project. Not only is the craftsmanship incredible, but their choice of plane is noteworthy as well. 

B-2 Spirits are all fly-by-wire as their design is actually not all that aerodynamic. Without the use of computers, real pilots would never get that thing of the ground. Without a vertical stabilizer, this plane is like a rock, so it’s incredible that these guys are flying it with just a remote control. 

We don’t know what went into making this thing, but we’re sure it was a lot of time, money and love. Major props to you guys!



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