This HD Compilation Of F-14 Tomcats Is The Best We’ve Ever Seen

This HD Compilation Of F-14 Tomcats Is The Best We’ve Ever Seen | Frontline Videos

coolvid679 / YouTube


Don’t You Just Love Those Planes?

F-14 Tomcats are one of the most iconic Naval jets. There’s really no specific reason for it. They do have the swept wings which makes them distinct. We get that. Also, they were in the spotlight in the movie Top Gun, but then again, people are really polarized when it comes to it. 

Whatever your personal reason is for loving the Tomcat, we commend you. They are, after all, pretty sweet planes. This video proves it.

CAUTION: We did not make this video and although the shots are absolutely awesome, someone added music to it which sucks. We know. WHY?

Introduced in 1974, these navy planes were true workhorses. Designed with twin-engines, these multirole, all-weather jets did everything from bombing to reconnaissance. Pilots loved them. The enemies hated them.

To pay them the ultimate tribute, a Youtube uploader made this video. Composed from multiple awesome clips, it really gets your heart going seeing them take off from carriers, dive, bank and land again. 

The only thing is the music. We too would rather hear the jets but hey, you can’t have it all. We actually tried listening to this with the volume off as well and it still works. 

Tomcats are just that awesome. 


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