BREAKING: F-35 Crash Lands In Fort Worth

BREAKING: F-35 Crash Lands In Fort Worth | Frontline Videos

Youtube / CBS 17 via Kitt Wilder


Bizzare Runway Crash

An American pilot was ejected from an F-35B after a botched landing this Thursday morning. 

The aircraft bounced off the runway, came back down, and pitched its tail up, driving its nose into the runway. Its front landing gear snapped from the impact, allowing the aircraft to drag its nose before the pilot was ejected.

According to officials, the F-35B was still owned by Lockheed Martin but was flown by a “US government pilot”. Lockheed’s final assembly plant for the F-35 shares a runway with the base, prompting local reporters to believe that the crash resulted from a failed hovering test. 

Luckily, the pilot suffered no severe injuries and was taken to a hospital only as a precaution. The cause of the incident nor the pilot’s identity has still not been revealed to the public. 


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