Connie night take-off with flames

Connie night take-off with flames | Frontline Videos

YouTube / grud66


Fired Up

Rightfully called the Constellation, this four-engined airliner was a hit at airshows. Its fame can be attributed to its distinction as the first pressurized-cabin airliner used by civilians. The introduction of Connie significantly improved the safety and ease of travel for the civilian population.

In World War II, Connie was used for long-distance troop transport. While its contract was canceled after the end of the war, it sought to become a civilian airliner in 1945. 

Being a propeller-driven aircraft, Connie was soon replaced by jet-powered airliners like the Boeing 707 and de Havilland Comet. 

Even after all these years, the Constellation’s elegant appearance, thanks to its dolphin-shaped fuselage, is admired by many. Not to mention, the sound of its 4 radial engine captures everyone’s attention on airshows.


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