Cooking Inside US $3 Billion Submarine Hiding Deep Underwater

Cooking Inside US $3 Billion Submarine Hiding Deep Underwater | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Fluctus


Hungry Sailors

The kitchen staff’s daily task consists of cooking meals that can accommodate more than 100 crew members. These hungry sailors work day and night, so a well-balanced meal is essential.

Four Meals A Day

Crew members work in four six-hour shifts. To keep them ready and energized, the cooks must prepare four meals daily for every sailor.

Let Them Eat Cake

If luck was on their side, sailors could enjoy a “slice of life” from back home. Pizzas, mac and cheese, and many more comfort foods can be prepared in the kitchen.

Tiny Spaces

Submarines are already known to have tight spaces. In some cases, only one or two sailors will handle the cooking.

No Open Fire Equipment

The use of flat tops and ovens is prevalent in submarines. Inside, you will never see cooks use open fire equipment. After all, starting a fire inside a submerged vessel is probably not the best idea.


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