Finally: USAF MC-130J Amphibious Aircraft Is Coming

Finally: USAF MC-130J Amphibious Aircraft Is Coming | Frontline Videos

YouTube / US Defense News


Pushing The Limits

A new version of the C-130 will hopefully be available soon. The MC-130J variant can land or take off from bodies of water if necessary – something you’d never expect from a cargo plane.

Proposed Model

The new Hercules will be fitted with huge removable floats. Its new design hopes to balance the aircraft’s drag, weight, and performance.

May Include JASSM 

The Air Force plans to incorporate Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles into the new variant. However, they’re still unsure how to safely store missiles nearby since palletized munitions are an easy target.

Improved Surveillance

AFSOC also decided to test new sensors and various electronics like the AESA radar. The change aims to supplement the Hercules’ reconnaissance capabilities and provide precision targeting data to other military assets.

New Possibilities

Transforming an airlifter into a bomber opens up countless possibilities in combat. In this case, the answer to the question “Why?” is “Why not?”


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