German Tornadoes In-Air Refuel Over Czechia

German Tornadoes In-Air Refuel Over Czechia | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Gung Ho Vids



Last September, the Nebraska Air National Guard and the Czech Republic participated in the Ample Strike Exercise.

The event aimed to promote interoperability while enhancing combat effectiveness and survival awareness through a simulated high-threat environment.

Nebraska’s 155th Air Refueling Wing used their KC-135 aircraft to refuel fighters such as F-16 Fighting Falcons and German Tornadoes over Czechia.

The exercise included 700 participants from the Czech Armed Forces and 200 more from Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the USA.

Another event, called NATO Days, followed right after the Ample Strike Exercise. According to Capt. Travis Carlson of the 173rd Air Refueling Squadron, the event is a great way to show how unified and serious NATO countries are about protecting one another.

The airshow featured aircraft and helicopters from countries like France, Belgium, Finland, and more.


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