Huge RC Airwolf Black Bell-222 Takes To The Skies

Huge RC Airwolf Black Bell-222 Takes To The Skies | Frontline Videos



Have you seen the largest RC Airwolf Black Bell-222? In this video, the pilot and builder have not only demonstrated how to fly the helicopter, but he also showed how he skillfully built every detail of it.

When the RC helicopter took off, the noise it made sounded as much as the big helicopter did. It showed that the blades create the most of the helicopter sound and not the engine, which makes it an incredible replica of the Airwolf.

The real flying Airwolf helicopter was actually a Bell 222 that has two Lycoming turboshaft engines, a streamlined shape, and is available with either retractable undercarriage or fixed skids.

Watch the video below. Here is the description of the RC Airwolf:
Model: Black Airwolf Bell-222
Scale: 1/3.5
Length: 4.25m
Rotor diameter: 3.74m
Engine: Kontronik Pyro 1000 -40 (8KW)
ESC: Kosmik 200
Head speed: 690 U/min
Tail rotor blade: 0.64m (from T-Rex 500)
Tail rotor speed: 3500 U/min
Heck Engine: 100KV Power Drone Motor with Kontronik Jive Pro HV
FBL: Bavarion Deamon 3X
Accu: 12S 14000mah Lipo
Take-off weight: app. 24.75Kg
Flight time max: 7min
Pilot and Builder: Andy Fischer


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