Life Inside $4 Billion US Submarine Underwater for Months

Life Inside $4 Billion US Submarine Underwater for Months | Frontline Videos

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Isolated Together

Living inside tight spaces for months can lead to a lot of unique situations. Nonetheless, sailors are often well taken care of while inside the tube. 

If needed, medical support is available inside the submarine with their own physiologists and an array of medical supplies and medicines to boot.

A fully functioning kitchen is important to the crew’s health and wellness. Inside these kitchens, you can see large fryers and ovens used to make healthy and enjoyable meals

The crew sleeps in compact bunk beds near the torpedo room in their spare time. Oftentimes, they would participate in rescue drills and fire drills – both of which are required for the crew to survive disasters. On rare occasions, crew members can also play card games or lounge somewhere in the tube. 


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