Life Inside US Weird Looking $4.5 Billion Advanced Stealth Ship

Life Inside US Weird Looking $4.5 Billion Advanced Stealth Ship | Frontline Videos

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Life isn’t as easy as you think aboard the largest destroyer in the world. 

Compact Spaces

Though not as cramped as submarines, this 600ft long destroyer can feel a bit cramped with 142 (and 28 in air detachment) crew members aboard. At least these sailors could take a breath of fresh air and watch the scenery outside if they had the time. 

Dedicated Cafeteria

The crew gets their meals fresh every day in their dedicated cafeteria. With almost 200 mouths to feed, you bet these cafeterias are built to accommodate these hungry sailors. It’s safe to assume that they eat around 3 to 4 meals a day, depending on the day’s workload and the meal prep.

Barbershop and Gym

Thanks to the barbershop inside the ship, sailors now don’t have any excuses when it comes to keeping their hair tidy. Spending months aboard a ship will surely change your body as well. That’s why a relatively big gym can be accessed inside the ship. They have weight racks, benches, and treadmills, too!

Bedroom and Bathroom Situations

Their sleeping quarters aren’t as tightly packed as the submariners. They even have big personal lockers for their items! 

The bathroom situation doesn’t look as bad either – but you still share them with a lot of people. It just looks like your typical 2-star hotel bathroom.


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