M1296 Stryker: The 30mm ICV That Everyone Loves

M1296 Stryker: The 30mm ICV That Everyone Loves | Frontline Videos

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What’s Not To Love?

The US Army rolled out the upgraded version of their M1126 Stryker, the M1296 Dragoon.

This new Infantry Combat Vehicle is armed with a 30mm Mk. 44 Bushmaster II cannon which significantly increases its lethality, range, and accuracy over previous M2 heavy machine guns. The inclusion of the Bushmaster cannon added two more tons of weight to the vehicle, prompting a much-needed hull roof upgrade.

Its new design offers more protection compared to contemporary armored personnel carriers. The front arc can withstand hits from 14.5mm machine gun rounds, but ceramic add-on armor can also be fitted to protect against 14.5mm armor-piercing rounds.

Dragoons are operated by two crew members and can carry a squad of nine soldiers if needed. Furthermore, the armored vehicle is also fitted with a battlefield management system that can link up with other vehicles and command posts.


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