Mach Loop – Low Flying Aircraft

Mach Loop – Low Flying Aircraft | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Tom Whitworth


Mach Loops in Photos and Video

Tom Whitworth’s images capture these Mach loops so well. It must have been hard and daunting to set this all up to get all of these perfect shots. It’s just different seeing these planes pictured in this way while doing Mach loops. We even get to see “rare” planes doing these loops.

Apparently, these Mach loops are done in the Cad West which is a great location that offers viewers a “level-pass” or “topside” view of the planes. According to the website, these areas are perfect for photographers since they will signal the arrival of planes – oh, and the parking is great too! The only downside is the 300 ft trek to get to the spot after parking half a mile away.

Watch these amazing planes and feel your jaw drop after seeing Whitworth’s photos, it is absolutely stunning!


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