Mortars Land Right On Top of U.S. Convoy – P.O.V.

Mortars Land Right On Top of U.S. Convoy – P.O.V. | Frontline Videos



Under Attack.

The life of a soldier is never an easy one, you have days and you worse days. On your run of the mill days, you’ll be hauling gear in the hot sun from place to place. But on your worse days, you’ll be hauling your gear in the hot sun while getting shot at.

The soldiers guarding convoys have one of the most difficult jobs in the military. Essentially a long road filled with heavy vehicles is painting a bullseye on itself and every terrorist for miles is going to take notice. When those terrorists take notice, they don’t just observe they have a tendency to take action.

It’s bad enough with the threat of roadside bombs, sniper fire and a host of other possible attacks. But the military convoy in this video actually comes under a bombardment by a terrorist mortar attack.

When the first explosion hits, all hell breaks loose and the soldiers spring into action. But then the next few dozen explosions really start putting a damper on the situation and the whole convoy has to move quickly or turn into a pile of ash. So if you’re interested in what it’s like coming under that kind of fire, check out this video from Funker530.


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