Pilot Attempts Takeoff With Only One Engine

Pilot Attempts Takeoff With Only One Engine | Frontline Videos

YouTube / 3 Minutes of Aviation


Simulated Engine Test

Watch as this Airbus A350-900 struggles to climb after it takes off. The 219-foot-long airliner took a couple more seconds to rise as the pilot compensated for the yaw by deflecting the rudder.

Now, if you’re wondering why it “sounds different,” it’s because one of the A350’s engines was on idle during rotation. This was one of the few clips regarding the Airbus A350’s takeoff performance test at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. The engine’s power was only increased after takeoff to simulate an engine failure.

For a bit of context, the A350’s maiden flight took place on June 14, 2013, at the same airport. During its maiden flight, the airliner flew for four hours and reached Mach 0.8 at 25,000 feet. Not bad for an airliner, that’s for sure.


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