Pilot Survives Fiery Crash of Cirrus SR22

Pilot Survives Fiery Crash of Cirrus SR22 | Frontline Videos

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A Lucky Pilot

Pilot James Smith is one lucky guy. Smith’s CR-22 was on its way to land at the Mountain Air Airport. As he was approaching, he felt strong winds hit his plane, pushing it farther and farther to the left. During the panic, he lowered the plane’s nose and “stepped on the gas”. The last thing he saw was a building getting closer.

Fortunately, Smith survived the crash with minimal injuries. His plane ended up hitting the roof of a golf course relief station and struck a tree, turning the plane 300 degrees and burning it down. According to Smith, the plane had no engine failures or any mechanical issues – it all came down to unlucky circumstances and pilot error.

Freak accidents like this remind you how easy your life can change in just a few seconds. 


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