Sound Of An F4U Corsair Firing Up

Sound Of An F4U Corsair Firing Up | Frontline Videos

Plane Of Fame


The Vought F4U Corsair is arguably the best fighter plane of the second World War. Its speed, agility, handling and weaponry made it a fearsome enemy for Japanese fighters which stood little chance against it.

The United States Navy went through a few fighters during WWII before finally finding the Corsair which would change everything. Superior flying especially when it came to attitude quickly turned the tides against Imperial Japanese Navy’s A6M Zero which rules the skies over the Pacific early in the war.

“I learned quickly that altitude was paramount. Whoever had altitude dictated the terms of the battle, and there was nothing a Zero pilot could do to change that — we had him. The F4U could outperform a Zero in every aspect except slow speed maneuverability and slow speed rate of climb. Therefore you avoided getting slow when combating a Zero.”

– Second Lieutenant Kenneth A. Walsh (Corsair Ace)

The Corsair in this video is a combat veteran of WWII and is owned by the Palm Springs Air Museum in California.  Watch as it completes an absolutely perfect flight and stuns an adoring crowd.


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