The Future Of Easy To Buy Drones Is Making Us Feel Quite Scared

The Future Of Easy To Buy Drones Is Making Us Feel Quite Scared | Frontline Videos

combat_learjet / Instagram


It’s Happening.

While perusing the interwebs as we typically do, we checked in on the Instagram page combat_learjet we follow and found the video you’ll see below. It’s simply a drone, you know, like the one you can buy anywhere if you have a couple of bucks, but it was fitted with a nice, scorching flamethrower.

Now, the one in the video is actually used for good. There was some sort of cloth wrapped around a power line and as opposed to getting a ladder and putting people’s lives at risk to take it down, utility workers attached a flamethrower to a drone and burned it off. A job well done of course, as it was safer for them and also a lot more efficient, but that sparked a thought; any person can do that.

After a quick google search, we found a bunch of drones at Best Buy. Ranging from 100 bucks for the smaller ones to 2 grand for some hefty looking ones, you can just go into a store and pick one up, no questions asked. The question now is, what is stopping a psycho from attaching a flamethrower to one and burning something other than a cloth on a power line?

Feel free to discuss.


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