US Most Feared Patrol Boat In Action – Mark VI

US Most Feared Patrol Boat In Action – Mark VI | Frontline Videos

YouTube / The Daily Aviation


Guarding The Riverine and Littoral Waters

Mark VI patrol boats represent the US Navy’s focus from blue water engagements to littoral operations. Each of these patrol boats cost $15 million to build, with 12 in service today. 

It was designed to replace the Riverine Command Boat, and was therefore larger, safer, and better equipped. Mark VI boats are powered by two MTU diesel engines and are protected by advanced lightweight armor plating around its key elements.

The patrol boat can also accommodate a crew of ten people, eight troops, and can reach speeds of up to 45 knots.

Furthermore, the 85-ft aluminum-hulled vessel has a main deck cabin that can be reconfigured based on mission parameters. Depending on the needs, its gun mounts can hold M240 machine guns, M134 miniguns, and even Mk 19 grenade launchers. 

In the future, the Mark VI also plans to field guided missiles such as the BGM-176B Griffin.


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