Why The V-22 Isn’t Good Enough For The POTUS

Why The V-22 Isn’t Good Enough For The POTUS | Frontline Videos

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Three Good Reasons Why

Why don’t the US President fly aboard the V-22 Osprey? One reason for that is the down blast its tiltrotors produce during flight. The sheer power of the blast could potentially deface the White House’s southern lawn.

Another reason would be its lack of necessary communication equipment, which is a huge safety risk. Moreover, the aircraft is just way too bulky for transit. For comparison, the VH-60 Nighthawks can be folded into C-17s for transportation. 

But the primary reason is still safety. Planes can possibly glide in the event of a complete engine failure. The same thing can be said with helicopters because their large rotors autorotate during descent. However, the Osprey’s rotors are too small for effective autorotation. 


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